13. - 15. Feb 2020

[exhibition & panel]
L'atelier Arts Science | Grenoble (FR)
Speculative AI / Exp.#2 (conversation)

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"How do artists embrace AI?"

A magical solution to the great ills of this world for some, the early stages of an ecological, social and moral apocalypse for others. Fantasy, the daily companion of some and for others, the enemy of the free will and of freedom, artificial intelligence is everywhere and leaves no-one indifferent. All research fields are affected by its progress.
From objects to subjects, from tools to words, artistic creation is also embracing AI, in ways that are just as varied as the many different imaginations that it appeals to. Between demystification, praise, criticism and other approaches, artists are a key to the door for understanding all the ambivalence that AI pre-supposes. For a long time the protagonist of science-fiction books, both dystopic and utopic, AI has also been in artists’ minds for quite some time. How do they embrace it, how does it change their way of seeing things and how does it shape their work? What new techniques, approaches, tools or artistic approaches does it lead to?

Birk Schmithüsen
Audio-visual Artist (Speculative Artificial Intelligence)
Anna RidlerArtist (Mosaic Virus)
Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrom, artist (Artificial Intelligence Mary)

Andreas Broeckmann, Art Historian and Curator, History of Art and Media Theory Guest at the Fine Arts Academy of Leipzig

Presented as part of the European Artificial Intelligence Lab project co-funded by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme and IDEX - UGA.