23. Sep - 23. Oct 2021

CPN art+science Festival
CPN | Belgrade (RS)
Speculative AI / Exp.#2 (conversation)

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Back in 2014, the Center for the Promotion of Science began to initiate, develop and support various activities bringing together art and science through its participation in the global European Digital Art and Science Network project (http: //eu.cpn.rs/realized_projects/artscience/). As a member of the network, the Center has contributed to the creation of the first sustainable, vibrant network, which can bring together and support the collaboration of creative minds coming from seemingly conflicting disciplines – art and science. This project brought together 8 cultural institutions across Europe and had 3 prestigious European scientific institutions as partners: CERN, the European Space Agency and the European Southern Observatory. art+science activities have proven to be important for the achievement of the Center’s main mission – bringing science closer to the general public and increasing general scientific literacy.


Marko Milić, Dejan Vračarević, Circuit Circus, [Sanja Anđelković, Jovana Pešić, Stefana Janićijević, Andrea Palašti], Patrick Tresset, [Vladan Joler, Kate Crawford], Casper de Jong, [Anna Ridler & Caroline Sinders], Elisa Cuesta